These folks RIDE THE BUS with us.


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We are a group of collaborators.  In fact that is perhaps the best part of this creative industry is the instant collaboration and team play you get all over the world from like minded folks.


"Shoot pretty pictures, you'll always be busy!" That was what a commercial producer told me in the early part of my career. Th e truth is, he was so right.  A pretty picture makes the storytelling easier, and storytelling is what we do.  We create beautiful media that educates entertains and informs viewers around the world.  The messages we create, with our partners, offers incredible tools and a true measure for our clients, as they strive to tell their story in a very, very busy media world.  @ O'Brien Worldwide, we offer decades of production experience on 4 continents, a collection of collaborators at multiple skills in multiple places, all held together with our desire to help tell the best story we can. Yes, cutting our teeth on Procter and Gamble, Kimberly Clarke and other packaged goods assignments did help us develop a system, a system to justify every shot and to truly make effective use of our production days.

The ability to harness the vast array of artists, crew and digital technology is truly what we do.

toroandmeDenis O'Brien makes no mystery out of it: "It's the feeling," quips O'Brien. " The feeling comes from a generated concert of efforts from a  myriad of people and technologies, all lashed together like sled dogs, mushing together to the finish. You see the feeling makes the media powerful." All the media O'Brien focuses on now is about feeling good. "Consider things that are lovely and of good report," says St. Paul.  (We'll stick with that concept.) Cheers!

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