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O’Brien Worldwide Films

From its origins as a Director’s rep firm in New York City, O’Brien

Worldwide has now blossomed into a global content creation hub. Boasting an impressive portfolio of over 450 national commercials, four TV pilots, numerous music videos, and an internationally released documentary, the company is currently forging ahead with a slew of new series, feature, and documentary projects.

Led by Executive Producer Denis O’Brien, the company offers a modern, boutique-style service that matches the right partners with each assignment. O’Brien Worldwide brings together a diverse range of creative talent to ensure flawless execution, delivering everything from strategy to production services directly to clients such as Alair Homes.

At our core, we are passionate about producing. We take YOUR ideas and transform them into captivating content that educates, entertains, and informs. We understand the importance of a stable and positive production team, which is why we foster a creative environment that brings out the best in everyone. We pride ourselves on finding the emotional core of each project, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for audiences. Contact us today and let us bring your brand’s story to life.


Our approach involves meticulous planning for optimal production outcomes, encompassing everything from casting, crew and catering to locations and beyond. We strive for excellence at all levels of production, and while unforeseen circumstances may arise, we understand the importance of starting with a solid plan and adapting as necessary, much like a sports team would strategize and adjust during a game.


At O’Brien Worldwide, we approach every scene with utmost care and put in a significant amount of effort and attention to detail in art direction for each shot. This approach consistently yields outstanding results. We invite you to experience it firsthand.


How do you want to experience the magnificence of Yosemite? Located right on the premises is a tour agency to help you get the experience you want.


Location shooting with O’Brien Worldwide offers several benefits, including the ability to leverage the team’s expertise in planning and executing shoots in various environments. By filming on location, the team can take advantage of the unique architectural and other features of the surroundings to create visually stunning and engaging scenes that capture the essence of the story.

Feeling Good on Set

O’Brien Worldwide is known for being particularly good at creating a positive atmosphere on set. They understand that making a movie is a collaborative effort, and that everyone needs to feel valued and supported in order to do their best work. They also recognize the importance of communication and actively encourage open dialogue between the cast and crew. <Read more about feeling good on set.>

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