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ZODIAC -TV Series Pilot Complete


Synopsis: After Hades murders two teens, his third victim, Juno, escapes, teleporting through solid steel into an open field where her body is found unconscious. Immediately after, a high-school student, Kali, awakes with a psychic link to Juno and telekinetic powers. Kali’s telekinetic powers are first used against her school bully; but they make her a target for Hades who is hunting Kali and Juno as he attempts to overthrow his brother Zeus.
Corbin Bernsen • Kaye Morris • Brock O’Hurn • Silvia Dionicio • Allison Dean • Langston Fishburne

Dreamkillers – Movie in pre-Production


Synopsis: In this coming of age story, Denis, Brett and Aaron graduate from high school and begin to find pathsinto adulthood. That first year after high school they start the journey together and make an adventurefor the ages. They meet Mark, son of a multimillionaire and then together try to make sense of life,love, money and chasing their dreams. Sean and Mark attend college for the wrong reasons. Aaron and Brett both look at money as the primary issue in life and they convince Denis and Mark that they need to focus on that first in order to get to their dreams. The adventure begins…

Volun-Tyranny.com -Documentary In Post Production

Giant Ski areas are mis -classifying employees as volunteers, skirting tax laws and putting thousand ofworkers in harms way. Hear the story of Tom Kibby, former Killington Ambassador who was tragically injured and not covered under workmen’s comp. Hear how mega corporations are avoiding unemployment insurance, workmen’s’ comp, HR reporting and accounting, FICA and other abuses. Paying less than the minimum wage in the form of a ski pass they have recreated “medieval feudalism” giving the worker a share of the crop , namely chair Lift rides,. Featuring Paul Burroughs – Investigative Journalist. Undercover work!

Death’s Door

http://obrienworldwide.com/content/deathsdoor/ TV Series Pilot Complete

Synopsis: Death’s Door is a medical drama based on a true-life story / from a Dr. Sebastian Sepulveda’s
actual medical notes / his book on an end-of-life care At Death’s Door. Deaths Door follows Dr. Mark Corbin, an end-of-life-care doctor; and what makes Death’s Door unique is all Mark’s patients are terminal; unlike all other medical dramas, in Death’s Door, everybody dies. http:// obrienworldwide.com/content/deathsdoor/

Enrico Colantoni• Ellen Hollman • Tom Malloy • Jennifer Taylor• Alfonso Freeman


http://ten24themovie.com Film Funding stage

Synopsis: In post 9/11 America, on Oct. 24, 2001 (TEN24) an innocent man (Harry) is framed for murder by a rookie cop (Scott) who has responded to a silent, but false alarm of a robbery in progress at a hotel. Harry awakens in the hospital with no memory of the entire incident and is charged with two counts of murder and one count of domestic terrorism for killing John, a police officer. Harry is convicted and sentenced to be executed. The only witness, a special needs
Corbin Bernsen • Kent Cassella • Paul Burroughs • Langston Fishburne


PitsMovie.com Documentary Pre-Production

In the Southwest Asia theater from August 2, 1990 and forward, Iraq, Afghanistan and Djibouti, the PITS, or Burn Pits are areas of garbage disposal for the military. The Pits incinerate plastics, batteries, chemicals, arsenic and munitions among other items, where as to not leave anything behind in this country. This pattern of disposal has resulted in deaths which caused us to undertake this film. The ability to tell the story of Brigadier General Michael Heston and so many others to show the disconnect the military has, like it did with agent orange, and we will bring that to the forefront.
John Stewart •June Heston • Senator Patrick Leahy • Dr. in Boston ••

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